"I first met Erin, the creator of Kefirology, at a farm to ferment event in the Ojai Valley where I was lucky enough to taste some of her healthy, nutritious and delicious fermented foods.  It was weeks later when I learned that she had created a kefir facial mask that would make my skin feel like silk and glow like the sun.  I always considered myself a natural woman who was a bit skeptical of products that claim health benefits for your skin.  Kefirology has changed my mind forever.  When I take the jar of wholesome goodness out of the refrigerator each morning and put the pure, cool, wonderful smelling kefir mask on my face, I feel pampered, relaxed and invigorated all at the same time.  When I wipe the mask off my skin my face feels gloriously soft and smooth.  I feel like my smile and beauty lines are disappearing with each application and my young spirit is showing all over again.  I do not know how I lived without this Kefir farm-to-beauty mask for so many years.  I am forever addicted to the wonderful feeling of using this healthy raw goat’s milk mask and forever grateful to Erin for creating it.  I can only hope that Erin will continue to create more beneficial, healing, and healthy all natural products in the future. Her passion is contagious."

Julie S. Gerard, Mediator/Attorney, Ojai, CA


"The kefir mask felt so soothing, like my skin was drinking in the food it needs.  After rinsing it off (no need for soap), my skin felt smooth & looked plump and glowy and healthy for the rest of the day.  I can imagine using it daily would be great -- but even if only once in a while or before a night out, this is a product I don't want to be without.  Thank you for making such a pure, natural, effective, beautiful product -- I love it!!!"

Marissa, Ventura, CA


"The facial went on like thick whip cream, it was cool and I felt it working right away.  Once it started to dry, I rinsed it off.  The result was incredible. I had large dry patches on my cheeks since 2007, they disappeared last month.  Now I'm getting compliments daily on my skin. My face feels like baby skin - smooth and full of moisture.  Best facial yet!"

Dominique Hirschkron, Ojai, CA


"When Daron Hope first used Kefirology on me during one of her signature facials, I knew this product was something special. Since using the Kefirology face mask, my complexion has improved ten fold and feels more balanced than ever. I am so grateful Erin developed this powerful pot of goodness and it will be a staple in my beauty regime for years to come! "

Lauren Glass, Marketing Executive, Ojai, CA


"I used Erin face mask and not only did it make my face so smooth and glowing, everyone kept saying I looked 20 years younger. Amazing product totally recommend it."

Thanks Erin you are the best!

Karina Duffy, Filmmaker, Ojai, CA


"Before I met Erin I was an acne faced 12 old girl that was so self-conscious that I couldn't even go outside without wanting a bag over my head. I would apply loads and globs of makeup on my face. Until I turned to proactive which made my skin even worse!!! Soon after using it I had gotten a chemical burn and it was horrible! So in my most desperate times I asked my mom for help. Luckily she knew Erin. I was immediately willing to test out her product her warm smile and kind heart was so reassuring to me and to have a hands on experience instead of some people I didn't know just trying to get my money. Erin's product is much more than just a face mask for me it was a life changer that seemed a little extreme but it is the perfect adjective for the situation. My skin has gotten much clearer since I have started using it. I noticed that just in one day my acne was clearing up! Even when I had acne scars I put it on and bam there it is or should I say isn't! Since I have used the mask I have been way more confident in myself and I can actually enjoy life without feeling ashamed or embarrassed! This is my number one favorite product I use and it's usually the only one. I have also got to spend time with Erin's goats which has been amazing. Even when I go to school I have everyone asking if I have makeup and they are astonished when I tell them it's a face mask. Over all this is a great, scratch that amazing product that everyone needs. So go and get your kefir on, literally."

Phoebe, Student, Ojai CA